3D files can be adapted to our design. In most cases the first design is without draft angles, which are necessary, so as to be able to remove the injected article from the mould. These adaptations obviously are a part of our services.

Very often only an old 2D hand drawing is available. In these cases we take the data from the drawing and prepare a 3D-article in the current format e.g. as a.step file. With the help of this file the design can introduce further steps, such preparing a mould design or a machine programme with the help of the CAM software inventor 2017 and CAM iMachining.

Subsequently the article can be manufactured on our modern 5 axle machining centres.

On our machining centres it is possible to process parts up to a size of 600 mm x 900 mm and 800 kg. Moreover, we have a CNC lathe with two driven moulds for the radial processing in a setting up to a diameter of 200 mm.