Quality assurance

Faro-Arm for Quality Assurance

The FaroArm is a portable coodinate measuring machine (CMM). It can be used to ensure product quality through 3D inspection, tool certification, CAD comparison, dimensional analysis and reverse engineering. The FARO Laser Line Probe, together with the ScanArm, provides a unique non-contact 3D scanning capability. Detailed measurements of surface shapes of any kind are thus feasible.

Spherical working volume: from 1.80 m to 3.70 m
Repeatability: from 0.024 mm to 0.064 mm

Our Quality Assurance engineers appreciate the accuracy of the portable measuring arm (0.024 mm to 0.064 mm) and thus play it safe when it comes to guaranteeing the safety of our products in your plants without any doubt.

Temperature sensors, an intuitive on-board measuring system, and intelligent sensor technology make this portable measuring arm the ideal measuring tool that Schmidt GmbH & Co. KG in all processes without compromise.

Our quality assurance representative Mr. Ingo Dietterle will be pleased to provide further information. You can reach him either at his email address i.dietterle@schmidt-gmbh.com or at his extension (0 59 03) 9 35 79-23. We look forward to receiving your message, which will be answered promptly.